I’m Laila Vik and welcome to my online portfolio! This is a platform to share my work as I explore the world of digital art and design. I’m always seeking new opportunities and offer commissions to build my portfolio as I begin my career in graphic design.

Art has always been very healing and transformative for me. I find comfort and peace through different creative outlets. As humans we are constantly growing and changing through life and I believe the art we create provides an accurate reflection of our journey.

In this new chapter of my life I want to let go of perfectionism and learn to embrace my art for what it is. Inspiration comes in many different forms and I never want to feel limited in my creativity. I can be my own worst critic, so I’m letting go of my personal expectations with art and listening to my creative instincts.

As I continue to grow and develop my creative style, I plan to combine elements of digital art with graphic design. Digital drawing is one of my favorite techniques and I’m excited to continue that practice as I explore the digital realm of art and design.

Classically trained in studio art for 10+ years – AAAS Graphic Design Degree – Adobe CC and iPad Procreate